Are digital divides inhibiting rural prosperity in your community?

Visit the page ACS » Internet > Subscription Characteristics: Details.

This table allows you to better understand the demographics of computer and Internet use in your community and to understand where there are gaps in opportunity.

Use the selector to sort by Age, Race, Educational Status, or Employment Status. The table shows the percent/number of people that have a computer & Internet, have a computer & no Internet, or have no computer. Selecting a cell in the table will display a map that represents that statistic..

  • Using the Age Selector, consider the economic impact of the middle cell – people ages 18-64 with computers but no Internet; the health impact of people of 65 with without access to the Internet; or the educational impact of children under 18 without computers of the Internet.
  • Do any of the figures on these tables concern you?
  • Do they inspire you to take action?