Are there any inequities apparent from the Subscription data?

The average for a community often hides significant variations. The Details view allows you to drill down further. Visit the page ACS » Internet > Subscription Rates: Details and to pick the Internet subscription type. (A good place to start is with Wireline.)

  • What is the range for wireline adoption in your community?
  • Does this fit with the broadband availability information that you gleaned from the FCC Form 477 data?
  • Do the high and lows track with your experience?

:white_check_mark: Under the bar chart, you can see the subscription range displayed.

:white_check_mark: You can explore the map to identify the census tracts where subscriptions rates are higher and lower.

Exploring secondary variables

You can use the Additional Demographics selector to explore secondary variables to better understand the adoption patterns in your region. Persons in Poverty and Household Density are common reasons for not subscribing to the Internet (as are age, education level, disability, and race and ethnicity).

  • Based on the data available here, what trends to see in your community?
  • Is density the challenge?
  • Are income Income levels? the challenge?
  • What about age or ethnicity?