How can I support the I3 Connectivity Explorer?

This project operates as a community-supported project, and markets by word-of-mouth.

  1. Tell your friends and co-workers about the tool, and encourage them to join our community.

  2. Do you have a success story? Share :mega: it in Case Studies. Teach others how to improve their own broadband.

  3. Painful outcomes count too! If you tried something and learned a lot from it, share :mega: it in Case Studies. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Good judgment is the result of experience, which is often based on bad judgment in the past”. Help someone else learn from your experience.

  4. Have you found a nice technique for using the Connectivity Explorer? Share :mega: it in I3 Tutorials and Examples](About the Tutorials and Examples category).

  5. Get involved. Contribute :fountain_pen: to the Forum. If you’re a product manager, evangelist, UX designer, graphic designer, data geek, teacher, broadband activist, programmer, or system administrator and want to help out, send an email to [email protected] offering your skills. The system is written in Elixir, using the Phoenix web framework, with D3.js and Bootstrap in the front-end, and PostGIS as the GIS database.

  6. Last, but not least, add a note under Appreciation :clap: category.