May 19, 2020: Version 0.27

Version 0.27 introduces the following improvements and changes:

  • A County-level Digital Distress Indicator table and map were added to the State menu.
  • A new SpeedTest display illustrates the percentage of tests that exceed the notebook’s target speed goal. You can also compare against the FCC targets if those differ from the notebook goal, or compare your local goal against the state.
  • The School District Digital Distress Indicator table now includes NCES school district locale information along with the state agency identifier.
  • The login page was redesigned to be more informative.
  • The top-level data items on the Overview page now provides Digital Distress Indicator information for Counties and School Districts.
  • The layer selector on the map now has a choice for Historically Black Colleges and Universities an a choice for Tribal Colleges and Universities.
  • The Measurement Lab SpeedTest data queries were changed to limit the contribution of any single client to the median of that client’s test in the time period. This change eliminates the over-weighting of single-client tests.

Version 0.27.2, dated May 31, 2020, updated the look and feel of the MLab progress against goals tables, and modified the handling of scrollbars in the Digital Distress Index tables.