Speed Test Data: Progress toward Goals

A new speed test view was introduced in Version 0.27: Speed Tests > M-Lab Progress Toward Goals.

About Target Speeds: Each notebook has a target download speed and a target upload speed. By default, these are set for the current FCC goal of 25Mbs↓ and 3Mbs↑. You’re encouraged to change these values to speeds more realistic for your situation! You can modify the target speeds under Settings > Edit Active Notebook....

The new view displays show the percentage of tests that meet or exceed the target goal, so 100% means that all of the tests are beating the goal. There’s one chart for download speeds and a second chart for upload speeds.

Depending on your notebook settings, there may be two additional display options

  1. If your notebook target speeds differ from the FCC targets, there is an option to show the FCC targets as well.
  2. If your notebook is not looking at an entire state, there is an option to show the data for the state as well as your locality.

These options are toggled separately for the Download and Upload charts.