What about Usage Tracking?

The Connectivity Explorer supports the collection of usage data such as the version of your browser, the pages that have the most (or least) activity, and how long users stay on pages.
Any data collected is retained by the Center for Internet as Infrastructure, LLC; it is not shared. The Privacy Policy provides details.

The implementation uses a locally-hosted instance of the Matomo analytics platform. That server and its data is hosted in the same data center, and administered by the same staff, as the Connectivity Explorer itself.

  • Your data never leaves our data center.
  • You control whether to participate.

Your preference to opt-in or opt-out controls whether tracking is enabled whenever you visit a page that requires login. This is because the preference is associated with your login account and not with a “cookie” on your computer.

You can revise your choice by visiting Settings > User Preferences.

If you want to know more about the details, please email us at [email protected].