I3 Release 27 - Comments

I am excited about the new release. I have been waiting for some of these features.

  • I am looking forward to exploring the county-level Digital Distress Indicator table - which I especially like because it goes beyond DDI to include other measures that provide a more complete picture. While DDI is an interesting measure, it discounts population so larger communities with a smaller percent of distress appear low on the scale even though thousands or even millions of people lack access, devices, have limited connectivity, or are mobile-only. The table provides other measures to consider but still in a pretty consolidated format.
  • I’ve seen a preview of the new log-in page. I’ll be interested in the input from others. I think the pages are helpful and very clear. Sometimes I geek out a little on the data so it will be good to get a second or third opinion on these pages. I love them.
  • I’d like to better understand the changes you made in managing the speed test data. It sounds like a way to create a more accurate measure.
  • Thank you for creating the new layers for HBCU and Tribal Colleges and Universities. I will be using those layers today to explore some areas.

Plus we have a forum. I hope that I will soon connect with people that I have met in the field. I miss you all.