The National Telecommuniation and Information Adminstration (NTIA): BroadbandUSA


The National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) BroadbandUSA program promotes innovation and economic growth by supporting efforts to expand broadband access and meaningful use across America.

NTIA, USDA, and other agencies have recently published the American Broadband Initiative Milestones Report

This report outlines a vision for how the Federal Government can increase broadband access and actions that Agencies are taking to increase private-sector investment in broadband. Previous attempts to expand broadband connectivity have made progress and provided valuable lessons that guide this Initiative. The report’s recommendations are grouped into three categories: streamlining Federal permitting processes to speed broadband deployment, leveraging Federal assets to lower the cost of broadband buildouts, and maximizing the impact of Federal funding.

NTIA maintains [A guide to Federal Funding Sources for Broadband[(Federal Funding | BroadbandUSA).

(Ed. note:) I worked at Broadband USA in 2016–2017 where I first got introduced to the issues of serving under-served and rural areas in America.