What residential and business service providers are serving your community?

Visit the page Wireline > Providers (table) to access the FCC Form 477 wireline data.

:white_check_mark: You can use the selectors to filter for home/business providers; specific speed tiers; or to include/exclude satellite providers.

:white_check_mark: You that you can see the same information on a map Wireline > Providers (map)

  • Are there any surprises? Possible partners? Does your understanding of technology help you interpret the filing data?

  • Are any local providers missing from this list? Remember to check home and business tables.

  • Is this information consistent with your service experience? If you called to order service from vendors in these blocks, do you expect that they would be able to offer you service at the advertised upload and download speeds?

Remember that the FCC reporting requirements do not require that an entire block be served, only that service could be ordered and delivered in a reasonable timeframe.